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Workplace & culture

We really love to make working software products. We are small teams that are focused on specific products. Each of us contributes to project we like the most and with trust, independence and autonomy, hands-on approach and great software craftsmanship we shape the future.

A unique place

We are stable, safe and flexible, yet technically challenging, craftsmanship respecting company that is laser focused on building great products.

  • Products

    We strongly believe that working on a specific product for longer period of time has a lot of benefits. Person working in such environment where deep understanding of a product, technology in a stable environment can render great ideas, improvements and benefit everybody.

    No switching projects every three months, no new manager every three months, no new customer every three months.

  • Craftsmanship

    Everyday we learn something. It's great when you can not only learn but use that knowledge to build great stuff and grow yourself. We are big fans of excellence and technical craftsmanship. No excuses to avoid CI, tests, QA, best practices.
    It's true that shipping is the most important thing, but in the end, it's your name on it, let's make it right way.

  • Stable and Flexible Environment to Grow

    As practice shows, small teams are best to achieve best results and we are big fans of that approach. It's easier to agree on holidays, specific time to work, plan your time to take children from school. It's easier to agree on technical solutions and easier to communicate.
    With all that and bunch of extra smaller things like private healthcare, trainings, flexible working hours, fully remote or office options, employment of B2B type of work, lawyer/accountant help we are creating stable and safe environment for you to grow not only on a technical level, but also as a person.

  • Technical Autonomy

    We trust you. All teams have the autonomy to pick best solutions, best software, best approach for problem solving. No crazy managers to tell you that mongodb is a must or everybody must work in vim.

    We want you to support you on the road to technical excellence and avoid artificial blockers. All structures are as flat as possible and all decision making is as close to the core as possible. I hope you enjoy this a lot.

Szewska 5, Wrocław

Szewska 5
50-053 Wrocław Directions


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